Past Research

Consumer Trust Research 2014

Cracking the Code on Food Issues:
Insights from Moms, Millennials and Foodies

2014 Research Collage

Building Trust When Science and Consumers Collide

Overwhelming scientific consensus tells us that genetically modified foods are safe and that humans contribute more to antibiotic resistance than animals. Yet consumer skepticism about these and other issues is widespread, leaving those dedicated to improving lives through science-based technology and innovation asking, “Science says it’s so, so why is there still debate?”

“Cracking the Code on Food Issues: Insights from Moms, Millennials and Foodies,” the new consumer trust research from The Center for Food Integrity, helps today’s food system:

  • How to introduce science and technical information into the public discussion so they’re considered in the consumer decision-making process.
  • The communication channels and processes used by Moms, Millennials, Foodies and Early Adopters when forming attitudes and opinions about issues in agriculture and food.

Our 2014 research, the most in-depth to date, provides a roadmap to making complex and controversial technical information relevant and meaningful – bringing balance to the conversation and helping consumers make informed decisions about food.