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2014 Research CollageInside the Minds of Influencers: The Truth About Trust


January 19, 2017
1 p.m. CST
Inside the Minds of Influencers: The Truth about Trust Webinar
Please join us as we announce the results of the latest Consumer Trust Research.

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For nearly a decade, The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) has conducted annual consumer research to better understand public attitudes and how to best engage to earn trust.  It has helped CFI define what people are saying and doing.

CFI went a step further to understand why. As the CFI consumer trust model tells us, communicating our shared values it the foundation for earning trust.  Values are all about the why.

The Center for Food Integrity will release the latest consumer trust research and introduce the CFI partnership with digital ethnography pioneers MotivIndex™.  Together we identified five consumer types that pinpoint their:

Emotional Triggers

The approach gives us a new level of insight – allowing us to understand how and where they connect online, emerging trends, trusted brands, sources and channels they use to shape their beliefs and opinions about food and agriculture.

In addition to the MotivIndex™ results, our survey – as in years past – tracks consumer concerns and trending attitudes on topics ranging from food safety and animal welfare to attitudes about farming and trusted sources of information.

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Inside the Minds of Influencers