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2014 Research CollageA Clear View of Transparency and How It Builds Trust

It’s simple: If you increase transparency, you will increase trust. 

The latest consumer trust research from The Center for Food Integrity provides the statistical data to prove it.

This year’s research is the culmination of three years of work on the concept of increasing food system transparency. Consumers have been asking for greater transparency and there have been varying attempts to define it. CFI’s research not only defines it, but now provides a clear path to achieve it and address the growing skepticism about food.

“A Clear View of Transparency and How It Builds Trust” highlights the 2015 consumer trust research and some best practices that the food system can use as a guide for increasing transparency. The study also reveals who the public holds most responsible for demonstrating transparency, specific areas where they expect transparency, and precisely where consumers want to access information that is most important to them.

The report is a small snapshot of the complete results. Members can contact CFI at or 816-880-0204 for additional information.




Click here or on the image below to download an infographic of the research findings.

2015 Research_Infographic