Strategic Intelligence & Trend Evaluation™

Media monitoring is imperative in understanding the issues and opportunities in today’s food system. Why? Because people’s use of media has changed. For example:

  • Roughly two billion people are now connected to the internet
  • Social media now accounts for nearly 25 percent of time spent online
  • Everyone with a cell phone has the potential to be a cinematographer
  • Employees, consumers, customers, bloggers, social media food communities, activists, NGOs and others can all directly influence the public conversation about individual companies/brands/industries in a matter of seconds
  • By the year 2015, 80 percent of the global population will have a personal mobile device that can be both a receiver and a transmitter

 Based on today’s media landscape, CFI utilizes its proprietary Strategic Intelligence & Trend Evaluation™ (SITE™) process to monitor news of importance to its members within the food system. Through the SITE process, CFI reviews more than 180,000 traditional media sources and more than 260 million user-generated sources (social media). Our list of more than 500 food- and agriculture-specific topics is constantly calibrated to ensure we’re receiving relevant news, and new topics are added to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on developing and evolving stories in order to deliver customized information and analysis on issues that matter to our members.

For more information on SITE, please contact Jenny Watz.