CFI Launches A New Conversation About Food

Advances made possible by science and innovation help make food safer, more affordable and more available. But, they also fuel increased consumer questions and a growing public sentiment that “big food” will put profit ahead of public interest.

To better address consumer questions and create a new platform for public engagement, the Center for Food Integrity – along with a strong network of thought-leading companies, organizations and individuals – has launched A New Conversation About Food.

“The current discussion about food is resulting in more polarization, and at times, less informed decision-making,” said Charlie Arnot, CFI CEO. “A fresh approach is needed to successfully create a new conversation based on authentic transparency and increased engagement to better align with consumer values and expectations and increase consumer trust.”

A New Conversation About Food will initiate public engagement designed to connect with customers, influencers, policy makers and consumers in meaningful ways.

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