Poultry Panel Experts – Veterinarians

Dr. S.F. “Sarge” Bilgili, Professor and Extension Scientist, Department of Poultry Science, Auburn University

Dr. Bilgili received his DVM from Ankara University in Turkey, his MS from Oregon State University, and his PhD from Auburn University, where he joined the Department of Poultry Science in 1985. Dr. Bilgili’s responsibilities include developing and implementing a variety of extension/outreach hand research programs in the areas of processing, food safety, meat wholesomeness and animal welfare. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles in scientific and trade journals, and has been invited to speak at many national and international meetings.

Dr. Bilgili serves on several industry and academic committees and editorial review boards. He served as the President of the Poultry Science Association (PSA), Southern Poultry Science Society, and USA Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA), and a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Animal Science Societies. He currently serves as Chairman of the National Chicken Council Animal Welfare Scientific Advisory Committee and member of the American Humane Association Scientific Advisory Committee.

Richard “Mick” Fulton, DVM, PhD, dipl. ACPV, Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation, Michigan State University

Dr. Fulton is a veterinary pathologist with 30 years of experience in poultry pathology and medicine. An Associate Professor of Avian Diseases and a Diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, he serves as a diagnostician, teacher, researcher and poultry extension veterinarian at Michigan State University. Dr. Fulton is skilled in training others in avian disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control. He has led training on response to catastrophic poultry diseases in Mongolia, Moldova, Macedonia, Transnistria, Egypt and Nepal as well as led table top and farm-based exercises in Bulgaria, Rwanda and his home state of Michigan. Dr. Fulton has worked to re-establish a veterinary pathology teaching program at Kabul University in Afghanistan and has provided poultry production development and planning, and disease recognition and prevention assistance to commercial poultry producers in Turkmenistan and Myanmar. Published widely on avian diseases, Dr. Fulton has a D.V.M. and a Ph.D. in veterinary pathology from Purdue University.

Dr. David A. Pyle, Poultry Veterinary Consultant

Dr. Pyle, a poultry veterinary consultant for the past nine years, received his DVM from Michigan State University. He provides veterinary insight to several poultry companies including that handle turkeys, chickens and ducks. He was a poultry technical service veterinarian with Bayer Animal Health and staff veterinarian for a major food retailer.

Dr. Pyle is a Diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Association of Avian Pathologists.