Pork Panel Experts – Animal Scientists

Dr. Candace Croney, Associate Professor of Animal Sciences, Purdue University

Dr. Croney is a renowned expert in applied animal behavior, with an emphasis on animal learning, welfare and ethics. She is an associate professor of animal sciences at Purdue University. Dr. Croney has contributed to nationwide animal welfare efforts working with organizations such as the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, along with many others. She is on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the American Humane Certified program, and her research on farm animal cognition has been featured in national and international broadcast programs.

Dr. Anna Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University

Dr. Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University. Her research includes the area of sow productive lifetime, maintenance behaviors in farm animals, handling and system designs and their impacts on the transport losses in pigs. In addition, Dr. Johnson provides extension services for commodity groups pertaining to welfare-related issues. She earned her doctorate degree in animal welfare from Texas Tech University, her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Reading University and a master’s degree in applied animal behavior and animal welfare from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University

Dr. Grandin is one of the most noted experts in animal behavior and animal welfare. She is a bestselling author and consultant to the livestock industry. Dr. Grandin is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and also designs livestock handling facilities. She has authored over 400 articles in both scientific journals and livestock periodicals on animal handling, welfare, and facility design.

Dr. Janeen Salak-Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois

Dr. Salak-Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois. She has extensive research in stress and environmental physiology and animal well-being, specifically, sow housing, prenatal stress, mechanism of stress effects on immune status and behavior of pigs. Dr. Salak-Johnson has presented extensively and published on these contemporary issues and challenges in animal well-being. She received her PhD from Texas Tech University in 1994.

Dr. Janice Swanson, Director of Animal Welfare, Michigan State University

Dr. Swanson coordinates outreach, teaching and research in the area of farm animal behavior and welfare with a focus on social responsibility at Michigan State University. She serves as the chair of the Animal Sciences Department. Her scientific service includes government, industry and scientific animal welfare advisory. Dr. Swanson received her PhD in Applied Animal Ethology from the University of Maryland and her master’s and baccalaureate degrees from the University of Connecticut.