The Center for Food Integrity helps build consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system through a diverse mix of programs. CFI provides interactive training programs designed to help participants use values-based messaging in everyday conversations with consumers, and provides social media support as well. In addition, CFI developed an interactive shared-values curriculum for high school and college students that helps them use values to discuss food industry challenges with audiences that may be uninformed or misinformed about today’s food system.

CFI also facilitates an annual food summit that brings together key stakeholders in the food industry to address values, ethics and trust in today’s food, and brings together a group of individuals and organizations annually for a conference to discuss and refine trust-building strategies within animal agriculture.

Other programs that CFI manages include a website designed to answer consumer questions about today’s food, a website showcasing how farmers in various states grow crops and raise livestock and poultry, a coalition to support research in the egg industry, a resource center that provides messaging and tools for engaging with key audiences, and a proprietary web-based media monitoring system to track current and emerging trends in the food industry.

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