CFI Op-eds

USDA Report Shows Trust in “Local” Grows: So How Does “Big Ag” Connect?
August 8, 2017 – Consumers have more opportunity than ever to buy local with more than 8,200 farmers markets sprinkled across the U.S., according to a new report from the USDA… read more.

Can the food industry learn from the GMO story? Five ways to earn trust in gene editing
July 12, 2017 – Despite the many benefits of GMOs, including life-saving traits like those recently announced vitamin A-rich bananas… read more.

Getting It Right: A New Approach to Ag Biotech
May 15, 2017 – Most Americans celebrate the latest innovations when it comes to their smartphones, cars or shiny kitchen appliances… read more.

Ag Week 2017: Why U.S. Farmers Should Get Out – Now
March 20, 2017 – Most farmers I know didn’t pursue their passion for raising food to hone their public relation skills… read more.