Member Benefits

There are many benefits to being a member of CFI. Perhaps, most importantly, member   organizations can be part of a unified effort to build consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system. Below are some of the valuable resources we offer. Please contact us to learn about additional benefits that may be available to CFI members.

  • Strategic Intelligence and Trend Evaluation™ (SITE™) is a process that involves media monitoring of more than 180,000 traditional media sources and more than 260 million user-generated social media sources in order to provide analysis of food trends and issues for our members.
  • CFI Consumer Trust Survey is an annual research project designed to benchmark consumer attitudes about animal agriculture and the contemporary U.S. food system.
  • Food Integrity Summit is an annual gathering of food system leaders. It’s an important platform for delving into current issues and learning how to more effectively reach consumers with messages that build trust and confidence in today’s food system.
  • Animal Agriculture Committee is a forum for those involved in animal production to exchange ideas, and discuss challenges and solutions to issues facing U.S. animal agriculture production.
  • ENGAGE is a one-day training session that captures the power of shared values and puts it to work in public speaking, media interviews and social media engagement.
  • Farmer Resource Center  provided farmers with a values-based platform to actively respond to issues or misinformation in traditional or online media that threatens their viability.
  • CFI Newsletter is a monthly publication that keeps members in the know by highlighting industry trends, consumer research, CFI member activities, and CFI conferences and events.