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Issue Alert - Report Mischaracterizes CFI Mission and Work

At The Center for Food Integrity (CFI), we are fully transparent about who we are and what we do to build consumer trust in today's food system. As part of this, we embrace skepticism and openly answer questions about our work. However, without contacting CFI to better understand our mission, a recent report from Friends of the Earth mischaracterizes who we are and what we do.

As you know, The Center for Food Integrity is a not-for-profit organization established to build consumer trust, encouraging those who produce our food to be transparent about food production practices, engage in dialogue about how food is produced, and support consumers' right to information about the food they consume.

CFI does not endorse any product, brand or method of producing food. We understand that consumers have questions about food and how it's produced, processed and brought to market. They deserve answers. One of the main venues we use for providing answers is the website Here, a network of nearly 200 experts from academia, who are paid nothing for their contributions, answers questions from consumers and media. CFI members are not invited nor allowed to edit the answers from experts. Further, our annual consumer trust research helps us better understand what questions consumers have so we can share information about how food is produced today so they can make informed decisions. With that information, they can then be confident in choosing food for their families that best meets their needs and values.

Many of the programs developed by CFI, whether Best Food Facts or A New Conversation About Food, provide the best available science-based information about food and how it's produced. Engaging in this broader dialogue with consumers, industry stakeholders, academics and others is beneficial for everyone involved.


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