The 2012 Food Integrity Summit – A forum on ethics, values and trust was held on October 23 - 24 at the Hilton Rosemont in Chicago, Ill. The 2012 Summit was the first-ever forum on ethics, values, and trust in today’s food system and provided food system stakeholders an opportunity to address the fundamental challenge of building trust in today’s food.

The main objectives of the 2012 Food Integrity Summit were to:

  • Better understand current consumer perception and concern about today’s food
  • Improve the ability to work with stakeholders with diverse interests to build trust in food
  • Identify resources that can help build trust

The 2012 Food Integrity Summit offered an entirely new agenda with David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at the Imperial College of London, as one the keynote speakers. Also on the agenda was Bob Langert, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at McDonald's Corporation. Langert will discuss effective stakeholder engagement. 

This year’s breakout sessions took an in-depth look into ethics, values, and trust surrounding today’s food, including working with the diverse interests of stakeholders and the value in proving our competencies to produce food responsibly. 

Also, the 2012 CFI Consumer Trust Survey results were introduced to the public. Click here to download the 2012 Research Summary.


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