An Inside Look to Engage Online


Like CFI’s successful Engage in-person communication workshop, Engage Online is designed to provide a better understanding of today’s consumer, and equip and empower participants with the skills to approach conversations in using the power of shared values – to earn trust by engaging in any conversation about food and agriculture with confidence.

CFI’s research shows that communicating with shared values is three-to-five times more important to earning trust than simply sharing facts and science. During this informational webinar, we will review the curriculum contained in the series of five, self-paced training modules and the valuable learning exercises of the training. CFI’s Engage program leader,

Donna Moenning, will bring you inside the online program where you will learn:

• Why consumer trust in the food system has eroded, and what we can do to address this disconnect.

• Who consumers turn to for information about food and agriculture issues, and what they expect from them.

• Why shared-values work and how to put those values to work through your communication efforts.

• What research-based fundamental message elements consumers crave, and best practices for meaningful communication.

This webinar provides an excellent opportunity to see Engage Online and how it can be utilized to enhance your communication efforts. Engage Online is research-based; relevant to everyone involved in food and agriculture; applicable to all aspects of communication; meaningful; and yes, engaging!