2015 Summit: A Clear View of Transparency


The Center for Food Integrity hosts the Summit to bring together leaders in food production, processing and retail with those in government, academia and non-government organizations to explore consumer trust in the food system. “A Clear View of Food Transparency,” the theme of this year’s event, included sessions that provided practical guidelines to meet consumers’ expectations for greater transparency within the food system. In addition, participants enjoyed interactive panel discussions that featured examples of success in providing trust-building transparency. CFI’s 2015 consumer trust research was unveiled, and several companies presented their experiences from beta testing a new transparency index developed through CFI’s 2015 consumer research.

Click on the links below to download presentations from the Summit:

Hershey Keynote slides

Hershey Consumer Panel Discussion Slides

Monsanto_CFI Transparency Index Panel Slides

Phibro Consumer Transparency Presentation Slides

Tyson_ Consumer Transparency Presentation Slides

UC-Davis_Science Communication-Transparency-Trust Presentation Slides