Goat Cam

My fiancé and I raise a few goats each year. Kidding season is exciting – goat kids are so cute – and we don’t want to miss a moment of the birthing process, just in case assistance is needed. Lately, we’ve been doing late night, middle of the night, and early morning checks on Fiona, the older momma goat, which are tiring, but necessary.

Enter the Goat Cam.

That’s right – a Wi-Fi-capable live-feed camera, complete with sound and night vision. It’s now hanging in the corner of the goat shed, and with a couple clicks on my smart phone, I can check in on the goats from anywhere, at any time. Fiona still hasn’t kidded, but it’s been fun watching her.

Technology is great, isn’t it? More farms are using webcams and sharing those live feeds on the web. JS West, for example, has six cameras watching over their chickens. And the Orange County Fair has a live pig cam. Finally, Stew Leonard’s cow cam switches between different cameras at their dairy.

Most consumers today are more than two generations removed from the farm. They don’t understand why farms look like they do today, why beneficial technology is used, or other recent advances in food production. Our 2011 Consumer Trust Survey found that only 23% of consumers say they strongly agree they have access to all of the information they want about where food comes from, how it is produced, and its safety. There’s definitely room for improvement. Perhaps webcam live feeds or YouTube videos can help connect consumers back to the farm.

Being more open and transparent about today’s production methods shows that farmers are providing livestock with great care and producing safe, nutritious and affordable food.

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