Giving (& Hopefully, Receiving) the Gift of Flavor

The holiday season is upon us, a time to surround ourselves with the three F’s - family, friends, and fruitcake. OK, let’s change that last one to food. Although fruitcake is often given as a gift this time of year, either as a kind gesture or as a practical joke, many foods make great gifts for the holidays.

Foods can evoke some specific holiday memories. Maybe your family has a tradition of cookie-baking, or has a special recipe that only makes an appearance at the dinner table this time of year. Maybe you have a memory of giving or receiving certain foods for the holidays. Whatever it is, foods have a way of comforting us, and giving (and receiving) foods as holiday gifts can show the recipient that thought was put into the gift.

Here are some food-related gift ideas:

  • Homemade cakes, cookies and candies – your family’s favorites are great to share
  • Nuts and snack mixes – help feed the holiday crowds with quick and easy mixes
  • Fruit (or fruitcake!) – it’s citrus season! Many varieties of oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and limes are great this time of year
  • Food-of-the month programs – you can give cheese, coffee, specialty meats and other foods from around the world
  • Restaurant gift cards – introduce friends and family to your favorite restaurant or treat them to theirs

In addition to giving food as gifts, you can give the gift of food to those less fortunate. You can donate your time at a food pantry, or help serve food at a food kitchen. Doing so may start a new tradition in your family, creating memories that can be better than any gift.

We have the most abundant, affordable and safe food supply in the world. We should share it with others this holiday season and year-round. Happy Holidays!

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