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Today’s Media Landscape

The media landscape today is a large canvas that can be painted from every imaginable angle with a spectrum of color. We’re more tuned in than ever before, and are constantly being bombarded with messages, advertisements, information and misinformation. Topics we’ve never heard of suddenly become mainstream issues that evoke panic and fear among the masses. And industry terms that we use every day can be misconstrued and, suddenly, we have an issue spiraling out of control that wasn’t even on the radar the day before.

How does this happen? People’s use of media has changed. For example:

Roughly two billion people are now connected to the internet

Social media accounts for nearly 25 percent of time spent online

Everyone with a cell phone has the potential to be a cinematographer

Employees, consumers, customers, bloggers, social media food communities, activists, NGOs and others can all directly influence the public conversation about individual companies/brands/industries in a matter of seconds

By the year 2015, 80 percent of the global population will have a personal mobile device that can be both a receiver and a transmitter

So how do we manage the influx of messages? At CFI, we utilize a proprietary media monitoring process to keep track of issues and trends within the food system. This process monitors news from 30 billion articles across the globe, and the number of articles increases by roughly one billion every month. In addition, the process scouts out social media conversations on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Yelp, etc., as well as articles and comments from more than 30 million blogs. This enables us to keep our members up to date on developing and emerging issues that may impact them related to food safety, food production practices, animal health and well-being, nutrition and the environment.

So the next time the paintbrush strokes the canvas, we can monitor it to make sure the colors don’t run together.