Speakers Bureau

Helping Audiences Think Differently

Our goal is to not only raise awareness about issues of trust in food, but help audiences think differently – providing insights that spark discussion, ideas and action.

It would be our privilege to share our diverse expertise with your audiences. Whether it’s a keynote presentation for your next conference, an interactive training seminar, a strategy session or panel discussion facilitation – we can tailor the content to meet your needs.

Our presentation topics run the gamut – from trust-building and consumer attitudes to crisis management and healthy food choices. Here are a few:

  • A Clear View of Transparency and How it Builds Consumer Trust: 2015 Consumer Trust Research
  • Science Denial and Today’s Food Consumer: 2014 CFI Consumer Trust Research
  • Why Do They Hate Us? Understanding Consumer Angst about Food/Ag and What You Can Do about it
  • Ethics, Values and Science: Finding the Right Mix for Consumer Trust
  • Crisis Management: Transparency in the Age of Instant Communication

We also provide media, social media, and crisis training, along with our ground breaking Engage shared-values communications training.

To schedule a CFI expert for your next event, submit a request here.

View video of some of our speakers.