About The Center

Who are we?

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) was established in 2007 to build consumer trust and confidence in today's food system. We are a not-for profit organization whose members represent each segment of the food chain, including farmers and ranchers, universities, food processors, restaurants, retailers and food companies. We have four distinct competencies aimed at equipping people in today’s food system with the skills and messages they need to effectively communicate with consumers on issues of concern:

  1. We design and develop models that fundamentally define and communicate trust.
  2. We research and develop messages that build consumer trust.
  3. We train and develop highly qualified messengers to deliver positive and accurate information on today’s food system to key influencer audiences.
  4. We are a food system leader in delivering programs and  messages that build consumer trust.


What do we do?

CFI implements strategies that serve to build consumer trust and confidence in the food system. Specifically, on behalf of our members who are focused on food, CFI:

  • shares accurate, balanced information
  • corrects misinformation
  • highlights best practices that build trust
  • engages stakeholders to build consensus on issues that are of concern to consumers

CFI does not lobby or advocate on behalf of individual food companies or brands.